We helped get her son into the Roxbury Latin School and her daughter into Boston Latin School!

Boston Latin School where testimonial authors daughter was admitted to

“Boston Tutoring Center (BTC) is the best tutoring school. I cannot express enough the positive impact of this place on my two children. When my daughter, who is currently a tenth grader at Boston Latin School, prepared for the ISEE in 2011, I was very lucky to find BTC. My goal was to have my daughter improve her grades at school and be well prepared for the ISEE so that she would have a good chance at one of the exam schools in Boston. I went from making my daughter’s father (who was a grade school teacher at the time) tutor her twice a week at home to eventually calling multiple tutoring centers, libraries and retired teachers. Needless to say, when I met Ms. Anne, founder of BTC, I was amazed by her professionalism and knowledge. Not just about the Boston Public School system and its exam schools, but also many other private schools in Massachusetts. After speaking with Ms. Anne, I remember feeling like I was given a light that helped me see so much more about different schools and therefore was clearer about what I should do for my daughter to have a better chance in education. During our first meeting with Ms. Anne, she had my daughter take a placement test. She answered all of my questions and took notes on the goals I had for my daughter. After the placement test, Ms. Anne sat down with my daughter and talked with her. She then let me know her assessment of my daughter’s academic level and quite frankly, she was very caring, but very honest. So be prepared to hear the truth from Ms. Anne about your child. She will not sugar coat anything so that people will stay to do business with her. What makes BTC the best tutoring school is not just the qualified teachers, but also Ms. Anne’s ability to identify each child’s weaknesses and strengths and with his/her goal in mind she then gives appropriate recommendations so that he/she was able to learn and excel. My daughter was a B+ (with some A-) student and she changed into an A and A+ student after 7-8 weeks at BTC. One of my girlfriends then knew this positive change, so she withdrew her 2 daughters from another tutoring center to BTC. Sure enough, both of her daughters replaced 2s to 4s and a few 3s on their report cards. It was beautiful to see their self-esteem and confidence boost significantly. After my daughter, I also sent my second child to BTC for ISEE prep. Because of Ms. Anne’s encouragement and insight, we applied for the Roxbury Latin School and now my son is a very happy RL student. We are forever grateful for Ms. Anne. Today, I am going to call Ms. Anne for my youngest child. I felt an urge to write this candid review because for the past 5 years it has proven to be the best tutoring school around. Now only my children, but my nephews, niece, girlfriends’ daughters, sons and exchange students ranging from 3rd grade to high school also received assistance from BTC for ISEE, SAT or just weekly homework help. They are all very happy with this great tutoring school. Some of them come back to receive assistance for different subjects/needs with school and some stay with BTC throughout their high school years.” — Hanh, Boston, MA